Selection Criteria

2018-2019 - FR / NL

Belgian Climbing Team 2019

In alphabetical order by age category

All mentioned athletes will get more information from their federation concerning their selection, the possibilities and conditions.

Age Category

Youth B Female







Youth B Male





Youth A Female







Youth A Male






Junior Female




Junior Male







Senior Female








Senior Male











Charlotte Weynants (Escal'Pades)

Ite Lemière (Klimax) KBF

Nore Pellens (Klimax)

Tine Walraevens (Vertical Thinking)

1th Res. Silke Dewitte (Klimax)

2nd Res. Marjolein Vanstraelen (Olympia)


Arthur Bouquet (Vertical Thinking)

Hannes van Duysen (Vertical Thinking)

Jitse Remes (Klimax)

Nathan Rousselle (Escal'Pades)


Charlène Tilborghs (Klimax)

Lucie Watillon (-)

Lucie Delcoigne (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Pauline Oury (Escal'Pades)

1th Res. Camille De Wit Klimclub (Hungaria)

2nd Res. Morgane Daele (Rêvolution Climbing Team)


François Mertens (Entre Ciel et Terre)

Jasper Van Malderen (Klimax)

Luca Ferrari (Stone Climbing Factory)

Ties Vancraeynest (Klimax)

1th Res.Samuel Duron (Vertical Thinking)


Ine van Zegbroeck (Klimax)

Lisa Hardiquest (Stone Climbing Factory)

Marie Colot (Escal'Pades)


Aiko Herbos (Klimax)

Louis Debrulle (Stone Climbing Factory)

Lukas Franckaert (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Mats Vancraeynest (Klimax)

1th Res. Lionel Bauduin (Brussels Monkeys Climbing)

2nd Res. Harold Peeters (Rêvolution Climbing Team)


Celine Cuypers (Klimax)

Chloé Caulier (Stone Factory Climbing)

Héloïse Doumont (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Lucie Delcoigne (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Marie Colot (Escal'Pades)

1th Res. Lisa Hardiquest (Stone Climbing Factory)

1th Res. Lucie Wattillon (-)


Arnaud Ansion (Stone Climbing Factory)

Loïc Timmermans (Stone Climbing Factory)

Lukas Franckaert (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Nicolas Collin (Stone Climbing Factory)

Simon Lorenzi (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

Thomas Salakenos (Rêvolution Climbing Team)

1th Res. Igor Depoorter (Klimclub Hungaria)