29/11/2018 - National selection Boulder 2019 is online - check it out here

03/11/2018 - Another new National Speed Record for our male competitors, this time at the Olympic Combined Simulation

29/10/2018 - New National Speed Record for our male competitors, straight from Xiamen

25/09/2018 - Selection criteria for 2018-2019 can be found here


CMBEL is the national federation responsible for all matters concerning climbing, hiking and mountaineering in Belgium.


Its goal is to promote many mountain related sports, provide the means for all participants to be able to practice their sport and to develop these sports in Belgium by using its international contacts.


To do so, it works by gathering the flemish and the french speaking federations to organize national and international sport climbing competitions, to select national athletes for international competitions in sportclimbing, ski mountaineering and ice climbing and to maintain climbing rocks in Belgium.

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