Belgian Championship 2024

The Belgian Championship will take place on 28 and 29th of June at the Kaiserkrone Trail in Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser, Austria. You can find more information about the races and the program on this website.


Only the Vertical, Sky race and Marathon are part of the BC. There will be a podium for male and female participants and prizes for the first three. 


To take part you have to:

Belgian Championship 2023



1. Wannes Lybaert

2. Lander Debranbandere

3. Rob Loos

4. Karel Ardaen

5. Boris Claes

6. Jan Cools


Sky race

1. Wannes Lybaert

2. Rob Loos

3. Lander Debranbandere


Sky Ultra

1. Lander Debrabandere

2. Hans Vanmechelen

3. Wouter Nauwelaers



1. Sanne Roels 


Sky race

1. Charlotte Moerman

DNF Sanne Roels

DNF Greet Essing


Sky Ultra

1. Tara Van Delm

2. Siegried Robben